The company

Berkman Forwarding operates as an international freight forwarder, focusing primarily on overseas shipments to and from China, Southeast Asia and India. In addition, the rest of the world is served by our worldwide covering network of agents.

Overview of our activities:

In addition to providing transportation, we also provide total logistical solutions, ensuring the entire logistical flow of goods: from arrival in the port to delivery with the customer.

Overview of our additional services:

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals will ensure that all your transport needs are pursued, with personality and quality as a priority. We provide customized transportation and help you transport your goods as efficiently as possible.

Business terms
There will be business terms used on this website. These terms and their explanations can be found here.

Berkman since 1903

The history of Berkman goes back to the year 1903. In this year, founder Johannes Berkman takes over the coal trade of his boss. This is the start of family business Berkman. In 1976, Vobex is founded. This company has grown to become an international freight forwarder and is carrying the name Berkman Forwarding since 1988.

From coal to fuel and transport. From father to son. Now, over a century later, the family business Berkman is a household name and Berkman Forwarding has become a global service provider.

Today, Berkman Forwarding has 11 offices, scattered around the world. The head office in the Netherlands is located in Barendrecht, near Rotterdam. Worldwide we take care of the transport, storage and distribution of goods and the handling of other affairs such as customs clearance, transport insurance and damage handling. Besides transporting general cargo, we are specialized in the transport of chemicals and perishables.

General Forwarding Conditions

The general conditions for the forwarding industry are set by FENEX. As an interbranch organization, they aim to strengthen the national and international position of Dutch freight forwarders through collective advocacy. These conditions have been developed to regulate the legal relationship between the client and us as freight forwarder. These forwarding conditions are applied to all our activities.

Dutch Forwarding Conditions 1 July 2004

Dutch Forwarding Conditions – May 2018


As an international freight forwarder, we are a member of a number of networks formed by selected international forwarding companies. Through these memberships we show our reliability to partners and clients.

Berkman Forwarding part of WCA family logo WCA


Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

The AEO concept is based on the ‘Customs-to-Business’ partnership introduced by the World Customs Organisation (WCO). Forwarders who meet the selection criteria are considered able to work closely with the customs authorities to ensure the common goal of securing the supply chain. They are entitled to a range of benefits¬†throughout the European Union.

Berkman Forwarding has been an Authorised Economic Operator since 2009, which means that we demonstrably meet the following criteria:

  • Compliance with customs legislation and tax rules;
  • Appropriate archiving;
  • Financial solvency;
  • Proven practical standards of competence or professional qualifications;
  • Appropriate security and security measures.

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Accredited work placement company

The Education and Vocational Education Act requires MBO students to follow the practical part of their education at a recognized training company. This is what we call professional practice formation.

Berkman Forwarding B.V. is a recognized training company! By helping to train students, we make an important contribution to the future of craftsmanship.